okie but its close to Brittney Spears song title, "IF YOU SEEK AMY"
Figure that one out.

But just a topic Be greatful for the season
and appreciative.

Its the end of the year and just thinking about all the things shows the growth of the person.
Just cant wait to start a new on the next one.

My own canvas.


God loves me...

"Attention, lovers of pink lace and leopard print and frilly frocks and pretty party dresses: Betsey Johnson probably, most likely, pretty much definitely, is coming to a Target near you next fall! Get the full scoop, after the jump." (Glamour.com)




I dont want to be that hopeless lover blindlessly loving someone who only half way loves them back.

I dont want to be cheated on and mistreated but still run back with open arms and two black eyes and symphilis and clemedia and 8 different types of std's.

I dont want to be lonely because my supposed "man" is on the phone with another.

I dont want to fall in love and simply just fall...

Love is too risky
Just not for me I guess.
Thats why I choose to be single and the true flirt until someone is safe enough to take it with me.
The pill of trust
cause Im not going in with a full heart next time or leaving with half of one.

Love is nor longer living in my heart only calculating in my brain
So shrunken and dismissed they called me HEARTLESS.


Sunday Nights

(just dandy face*)

i just had a dejavu
But instead of a sad lonely depressing one like I would think knowing the situation im in

It was a self renewing one
One that made me think everythings going to be fine.

For some reason I just know God's behind it.
or myself before this life. (get it?=))

either way it made my raggidy A night.