Wonder Me: truth lies beneath

So I trust no guy or your just ruthless, moody and insensitive or just overly way TOOOO sensitive.

Um I despise my professor Dr. Spaulding, hope she passes me though..

Camera lost after a day of taking pictures...

Phones off..

Haven't even checked my account balance because I know its crazy and negative and afraid the cops will come for my card. No More Hello KittY!!

I got a new keyboard though!! lol

There are other negative stuff but I have no time to name everything horrible taking place in my teenage life.
However I am rather happy, in a very free and creative aspect of my Pisces world. Very intuitive about the people and events around me. Able to clear my mind and complete the task at hand. Also stems from the fact that I don't have a phone.

Cant wait until Thanksgiving, but honestly its more of a vibe, aura and energy re-filler, food, church and downtown/fashion/night life. Throw some friends, walking my dog probably stone crest mall, getting my hair done and that's basically Thanksgiving. I miss my mommy!


Ice cold throne
Completed and adorned with passionate weapons of pink colored roses
Sweat in my bones
Reap the instances of the unknown
Mommy always said be careful what you ask for
Independence and closed eyes don't go hand in hand
Victory nails my strength to the ground and cements my only progressive thoughts
Love phrases tantalize my mind with no examples
Red onioned sensation dances through my thoughts
My hands fasten as I realize my belt isn't secured on this ride.
Line skipped
Seat beneath me
Air above and around me
I'm flying mommy can't you see??!!
The stars are down now grass and ride leave above me
Spinning red death chokes my oxygen
But my mind is finally free
Triggered pointed chains break from lack of air and noise
I can read in colors now see with words taste through sounds
The world doesn't revolve around me
I revolve around the world
Vision Seeker
Independence reaper
The victorious one, crown holder, winner of wants
Only my soul can ride deeper


Supra me please!

First official pair of sneakers =)


Scrumptious I promise...

So Chris Brown released his new video yay? Right?
I liked it and realized too many people on one song is cool but what's going to happen on the remix?? Just a thought =)

Do we really need Chris Brown walking buck at us through a screen?
=X But nice video lightskinned Mr...

So I thought this was sooooo cute!
A user on Youtube made a video for Usher's new song, "Paper's" because they liked it so much =)

nik_gold promises not to lie... she is listening to this super duper hyped up
"No Ceilings" dilemna by Lil Wayne...
*** out of ***** so far
the lyrics are catching me but I'm not won over yet!
I'd still rather listen to gangsta love on repeat =)

cause you know... it's getting cold outside!

Here are some links to assist you in this matter!
(I'm still trying to find the perfect pair of knee boots with studs and colored tote bag preferably a beautiful blue or scarlet red)




Happy Retail Shopping and Holiday Spirit to ya!!!
live_gold. for me.. plz?

Adoring Life brings me..

lemons and I just so happen to come up with Pink Lemonade in martini glasses.
I don't know people!! just look at the pics which by the way... though pictures usually say a thousand little words don't seem to sum up the past couple of weeks.
twitter might help though twitter.com/nik_gold

*I went to ATL on citations ended up siteseeing with Yung Jeezy.
**Had my first drama ever of college (so h.s) and ended up making more and more friends
***Got two Ds my first semester in college... well Im working on that one... (=X)

Stay warm