Cozy Polka Chic

Cozy Polka Chic

Glamorous crop tee
$27 - awear.com

H m
$47 - hm.com

Giuseppe Zanotti high heels
$975 - colette.fr

Kate spade

Roberto Cavalli zebra ring

Cross bracelet
$22 - batoko.com

River Island steel jewelry
$13 - riverisland.com

MAC Cosmetics lip makeup

Painting the town red with to-die for Giuseppe chain shoes, a Kate Spade royal blue envelope clutch and magnificent Banana Republic suede collared coat. This ensemble is only perfected by adding black and gold accessories to compliment the black leather skirt and a emerald ring for a subtle pop of rich flavoring. Be stylish and live gold!


New Nik_Gold Designs 2013


Watching my company grow last year has taught me more for this year to expand on.
Selling my first batch of handmade jewelry, customizing men's accessories was a new experience and more  celebrity photo shoots and features.
Never content there is only much more in store, #ShopGold #LiveGold.

Featured below: Envy Me Snakeskin Pelpum Adjustable Belt
Email: NikGoldDesigns@gmail.com for inquiries!

Beyonce Covers GQ X Rihanna's 7 cover Complex Magazine

Dominating magazine covers this year are music's finest ladies. Beyonce covers GQ flawlessy!

One year after Blue Ivy's birth and she's back taking over the cameras and snagging more company deals to expand the brand of Beyonce. It is definitely Beyonce take over, soda cans, H&M, football million dollar half time shows. Also look out for Beyonce in Vogue's March issue!

For now check out her spread below with GQ!

Rihanna has ever evolving style
hit records
a flowing bank roll
apparently the toughest Rihanna Navy fan base
and everyone's attention on her personal life and let's not forget her rolling controversial Instagram.

She takes over Complex magazine with 7 covers for her seven albums, 777 tour and apparently 7 is her lucky number.
Check out her interview with Complex HERE and view more photos below!

A$AP Rocky ft Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar X Bruno Mars X Vee Avi

It never hurts to be diverse.
Especially when it comes to music.
Not only are you exposing yourself and experiencing life in many different lights but exponentially growing yourself in every way possible, and why would you want to limit your own potential?
When it comes to music growing up in New York I have always been inspired to experience different sounds of music.
From Hip hop to pop/rock, electric to eclectic, acoustic, reggae/soca,  jazz and classical, my ears always loved the range and soul that music could express. Every sound has a story and way to tell it.
Below are three videos for 3 genres of today's music I vibe with and liked the videos' to. Enjoy!


More Than A Resolution!


2012 has been some year. Words cannot even explain it. I have grown and watched the world change rapidly around me. As long as I have been alive I have the same two qualities I'd love to hate, actually I'm pretty sure I hate both. That's why I'm making a change, more than a resolution but a positive change for the betterment of my life.

Between situations changing rapidly and more and more people I know just leaving Earth without notice I know how precious this life we have is. Honestly, the present is a present and people take it for granted *raises hand* I do too.

Between procrastinating and the depressing feeling of contentment and over thinking or stressing over the  BS life throws your way from time to time, one of the quicksand potholes will have you preaching "Tomorrow is a new day" instead of "Just do it" or "Now is the time!"

I realized this life is a blank canvas, every second and experience we have paints our canvas and makes it dense with intensity, lessons and the true stains of life. I'm ready for the journey and truly tired of being tired. Sleep is the cousin of death and procrastination is the devil whispering in your ear. 

Learn and live _GOLD.