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Essence Magazine X May Beauty X Erykah Badu X Ledisi X Solange Knowles

Erykah Badu, Ledisi and Solange Knowles grace the May Beauty issue of Essence magazine! These three dynamic beauties represent individual beauty, style and self expression.

Watch Ledisi's Behind the Cover video below

Watch Solange's Behind the Cover video below

Watch Erykah's Badu Behind the Cover video below

I love these three powerful and electric women who devine the essence of determination, style and uniqueness. What do you think of Essence's May Beauty issue? Comment below.


Cozy Polka Chic

Cozy Polka Chic

Glamorous crop tee
$27 -

H m
$47 -

Giuseppe Zanotti high heels
$975 -

Kate spade

Roberto Cavalli zebra ring

Cross bracelet
$22 -

River Island steel jewelry
$13 -

MAC Cosmetics lip makeup

Painting the town red with to-die for Giuseppe chain shoes, a Kate Spade royal blue envelope clutch and magnificent Banana Republic suede collared coat. This ensemble is only perfected by adding black and gold accessories to compliment the black leather skirt and a emerald ring for a subtle pop of rich flavoring. Be stylish and live gold!


I was sitting and wondering about all the black specials in magazines.


My Husbands in here somewhere.... Hmmmm!

Brown Black and Educated
I want some BBE!


Truth on Brown: 101

Black Barbie here:
Why is black an ugly word???
Don't listen to webster (the white man) its not evil! It's strong, worthy, dynamite and lethal.
Whats wrong with a brown skin girl.. I said brown NOT caramel
Why is every other song about having a "redbone"?
Promoting the small waist, thick-thighed, good hair (or so they think), redbone chick?
I mean, I have no problem with lightskinned myself, thus having many friends and a good portion of them being light, I hate being referred to as the pretty dark one.. oh and pretty one thats dark. EW!
What happened to promoting beauty period? As many darkskinned girls as light in all the videos?
What happened to Gabrielle Union over Eva Pigford?
Naomi Campbell over Meagan Good?? Who infact has gotten lighter over the years.. hmmM
What happened to the beautiful golden brown Rihanna first started out with?

Whats wrong with a women as strong as natural as Erykah Badu, as strong as Angela Bassatt, as funny as Wanda Sykes, as dynamite as Vivica Fox and as stunning as Kenya Moore???
Do you even know a Kenya Moore?

What happened to that Hershey Bar brown??
That Darker the Berry Sweeter the Juice phrase?
We know thats true right?
Why are we still trying to get back to the idea the whiter, brighter is righter???

What happened to a woman as down to Earth as Tichina Arnold, with a smile like Kerry Washington and a booty like Serena Williams, with a personality like Nia Long, moves like Janet Jackson, as positive as Queen Latifah and a walk like Iman?
As black as Alek Wek, as soulful as Toni Braxton, a smile like Sharon Leal and a voice like Estelle...

What happened??
Do we want our black race to be destroyed, no more beautiful brown. Controlled by our surroundings so when we find a beautiful brown we turn it around.
I hate the phrase "pretty for a darkskinned girl".
It's the the same as pretty for a black person...
I know that hurts my soul, why hurt our race?

Why can't we listen to songs like Candy Bar, by keith Murray and
Pimpin all over the world, Ludacris and zoom in when he says the most beautiful women come from Africa?!! Our homeland... Why can't we embrace or race instead of trying to find something better?
Take all skin tones and love them for what they are?

One good listen to a couple of Tupac's hits including, "I aint mad at cha", "Keep ya head up" and "Ill be missing you" just soothes my soul.

I'm not ashamed to say I am a B L A C K Barbie, just smarter, more unique and with an edge then your regular one ;-)


Month of Love

SO celebrate this month of love here are just a few things that bring love into my life. =)

this week is one busy week
and i should be updating with what FEB is REALLY about BLACK HISTORY...
so for now =)

Live _gold.


Hope in moderation;;

So we finally have the president all (most) of us have been waiting for. Some change in our lives that noone can take away (hopefully not another Kennedy)...

Dont end something you believe will self distruct on its own.

On my point of view let the man run his full term. It took Bush two full terms to put us in this mess.

One term of positive reinforcement and changes for the better can only take us so far. We are in fact running this term only for the next one. It will take at least 8 years to rake up half the disorderly term oil we are (America) in now.

I always wanted a black president (Biracial can cut it)

Not just because Im black (but trust it has something to do with it)

But also

1. Now our little black boys and girls can have something to look up to. Cant make excuses now because we can make it every single one of us.

2. I dont want any negros running around the streets making havoc because they have a black (homeboy on their side now) but now we can run the streets afros and all ( what stopped us before?)

3. Color coding blacks even with the number of power blacks we have running all around the world. Still being judged on the few bad apples, every race has their bad examples.. We can cope with ours and plant seeds so our young never turn out the same rotten types.

I always wanted a black president for our past.

We came from the cement to create and form a true rose.

Someone that can see the world for the many points of view.

Someone with untainted aspects of the world and doesnt mind letting his fellow Americans know, you know hey guys we have a real problem here, instead of dragging us around like blind mice on leashes.

I want to be fed the truth no matter how bitter sweet it is.

I know I am young, heck I didnt even get to vote. But just knowing a presidential candidate got the most young adults (college students and youth etc) to come out and vote period made my year and years to come. Making changes and he wasnt even elected president yet.

And I can go on with a didactic speech on why if I was 18 I would have voted Obama but who else would have most grey states (indecisive states) voting blue (Democrats).

Only 12 percent of America is Black and to have over 90 percent of your own peoples vote's is miraculous, even more because he was not like Al Sharpen (depending on the negro vote to win).... cause you wont win. It was his own mothers line (Caucasian, clear, white) including the mass majority people of all ages, ehtinicites, backgrounds, the common man, the needy man, the dependent man to come out and vote.

When do we all pick the work over the play??

When the vast majority likes what it offers, the after affects and can live with it everyday of the next four years.

When we know the outcomes and possibilties of what could happen would be positive because we worked every day... just wooww

all of that holiday time, time off because we worked hard and didnt give in (impeachment?, pleasee)

For some reason God didnt give a doubt in my mind that McCain would win, and I was fine with it. Knowing who my leader would be, who would be making the changes for the next four years on health care, education and most importantly the economy.

The sun shone brighter the next morning.

Next to everyone showing their full out for support for Obama.

It was wonderful

A question though..

Who will stand behind him when the economy starts to bail (even more than it is now)?

When the changes are coming too slowly and we, the people are becoming impatient?

Are we still going to be the same Obama supporters we were when he was elected?

Have the same views and opinions the day he was inaugurated?

Be the same fan of change and progression the day his first bill came out?


Will we turn on him like Aubrey from Danity Kane?

Banish him like Janet from the Superbowl?

Dismiss hims like tomatoes in the Salmonella scare?

I wont

I really wont not when he showed his true colors from the start and never wavered nor backed down when a stern hand stood in his way.

Who else then Obama to bring us through the storm.. the same ol Bush-fan-retired- republican cant no matter how many votes you try and cheat states you try and win.

Its always darkest before the light.

And wouldnt you want to see such a change with a man such as Obama?

Tell you grandchildren how a change did come and you were there to stand by its side and see its plans pull through.

Believe in C*O*h*B*a*A*n*M*g*A*e

A change is worth living for dont you think?




pink fridays.

Yea, well its kinda funny cause i got my nails done that day and right after i took this pic i broke my nail coming down the stairs. lol
Well today was weird theres this thing i have when theres like blank spaces in my convos or even texts ill just type "lol" so beware. lol.... smh! its a freakin disease.
Today was so crazy like i really odee violated on this boy that supposedly likes me. lol and after i made him double over in agony.... he still walked me to class. which is weird cause if i was him i wuda puunched me in the boobs or something. i mean reflexes man. But thank god for boys who dont hit back. id be fighting everyday.

I was on the phone talking about the same situation which is the exact reason why i made a lovely pause when answering. lol (lovely?)
I mean if boys think they are soO much stronger than girls then they shudnt hit them. and if girls think they can beat a boy up (or noe this for A FACT,, like mwah) then more power to ya... right?
Im here jammin to shiny toy guns and watchin "john Q" and debating if i should go to the party. lol
If like everyone had powers that were equal in strength then the idea of me beating someone up wudnt b so violent right?
But face it ima lover notta fighter. ive never been ina fight in my life.
i could flirt to save my life and all of my cats, lol

But on a reality not maybe im not as hot as i think i am........
i knowww wheres the self confidence etc.
but like all my guy friends or half of them,, and mayb the other half just wanna tell me,
they think my friend particulary*..(whoa) Beastie, party buddy, best friend atl edition is hot.
to make it short, shes my height, 5'6
thick bottom (whats the other way to say it? lol)
and everything is pretty much like me... soO ummmm.
like im always praising people like i love when people are self assured of themselves like even if i could pick out a few obvious flaws myself. so in response,, like what would i think of my confidence?
or myself for that matter?
i def cant change anything,,all the ambi (i heard rihanna used it odee when younger) and collard greens cant change who i am and will always be..soo y cant i be happy with my apperaance like eveyrone else is??
Ughh probably this dufus that should not be named cause hes a nin-cum-poop and retard and immature brat but def needs to lay off with the dark jokes. cause hes deeeefffffffff crispy i mean midnite.. like black coffee bean with NO cream.. just BLACK. and i see nothing wrong with this cause his skin complexion and defintion and all that shyt is tuff. cud you say whipped.??
and i really dont wanna pop his bubble cause he def wrote me a letter the other day... so y the nonsense?
is it enough i could be called pretty, sexy, different and not feeel it
then be called black and feel all of it??
like damn...... (rsmh!)
i really meant i wish black was royalty and light wasnt in my last post. its time for a change.. we gotta realize white just isnt right.
or mayb i just need to ... realizee.