Im dying out here!

So I watching Paris' show Its Paris, Not France and I was actually going to cry during this show because my mom is leaning towards Claflin U because they gave me another scholarship ... (why can't she work that magic over at Howard???)

Well anyways I was scared of losin gmy friends but then was like (wah??) friends would mind if they havent talked to you in a couple weeks or if you deleted your myspace, facebook and only twittered once a week.

I finally got inkie winkie on the phone and felt much better. Im blessed. People can be so happy when they have nothing (well not so much have nothing to lose) but more of a have nothing left type situation.

Relating back to Paris.. she was talking about the sex tape and how it affected her greatly because she wasnt 19 like they thought she was.. in fact she was around 16ish...

and how she cried calling the boy begging him to not put the sex tape out there. But he was like eff it money is money...

andddd how her friends knew he was getting that close because he knew she was going to be famous one day and apparently wanted something of a leverage base.

what a bitch.

well she has the same procrastinations most of us have.. friends, what they think about me and money. Not much concern in the money department but friends and what they think about me are definetly highlighted to a microscopic level..

But newho Im out and about, taking out my micros but now about to hit the road and pick up mom from work, tomorrow i believe will be glorious. =) Only if I add this downtown thing with my riders lmbooooo

ohh lord so my plan is to be very grateful and appreciative of what I have.. and smile. Why the heck not???


new *ish


Smells Summer Baked to me!

Summer is almost over (for me at least) and I must say Ive done a lot.. In Georgia at least. I partied chilled, slept over, had people sleep over, did mad college stuff (and is currently still mourning on the fact that Oprah is not trying to help a sister afford Howard) so Valdosta I go, though I did enjoy the dorm waiting list. I got drunk...? high? nah....umm lol But i most definetly had fun whatever I got into got so much clothes and more coming for freshman year but Ill be regs. cause there is no best dressed in college (But I cant help it!).


*AFTER* *- -*

Nik_gold has learned to be a little more ascertive and directed through her sisters current situation she has learned to take no bs and is still learning not to let ignorant nincumpoops run over me (this is only extended towards friends who do to00o much) .

Ive grown closer to the Lord and most definetely feel blessed and as a direct encouragement on life. Im listening to the Howards lil affinity music for their freshmans |=( ugh!!

But anywho I can't wait until school starts. I know im going to get home sick and miss Miley but Im ready for it, Im ready to meet new people to be put in situations and land on top, to earn and develop my own grown women mentality and independence. Im ready to get back to dancing while staying focused on school work and getting my car in MARCH. That is all I want from my father.. Its too late for him to be a dad to me, I trully believe and in March too late for him for him to help me financially and my mom is apparently okay with that, i just want that car!!

I also need these micros outt!! I dont see myself starting the epitomy of adult life (college!!) with 3 month old threatening to become mini-dread micros! I need a texturizer, I want/need to be even more exotic and ecletic in the best way from everyone my age and at any moment in time. Im not going to be in the same mindset as other freshmans unless theyre talking about money, connections and future adventures.

Im ready, willing and able!

oh btw Im transferring to Howard ater 2 yrs andd...




Casting Me

The wind howls at me with great fear.
Its my friend I think.
Constantly there, deep blue passion wrapped with silk n cotton eyes.
Gently swaying me to the beat of liquid cement.
Casting my shadows with special apperances of the the glowing bulb and gentle lit candle.
Its my friend I believe.
I sway my lengthened palms and deliver myself to the howling breeze.


Summer 09

So this summer has been undescribable ever since last yr.. wow like its been a decade i have tried to make every vacation memorable to the point where I would have to reflect on it on my empty moments during the school season. However there are consequences. Smh. Id rather consequences then pure ultimate boredom in its true grey form..
I have a dog now.
Thats a positive change. =)
Her name is Miley
pic post coming soon!!
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