flower me

relations from the past.
making the future a little cloudy
burnt roses spraying the cement i drizzle on
two feet of grey covered in heart blooded strays
i just started with life
dont damage the grounds i glaze over.



there are no words.
you will be missed remembered an always an idol.
Rest In Peace.




me nowadays. howard much?

Oh Mr. Bigs!

my new favorite couple =)

Mixed Fruit anyone?

You surely cannot please everyone but after 75 yrs, now you want to make an African American princess who just has to have an attitude and hair pulled back in a bun? What happened to an afro and a soft voice?

I dont think Michele would like this much. And knocking down two birds with one stone? i.e interracial couples and an African American princess? Is Disney racist or just plain ignorant?

And just a statement on life should African American men be frowned upon when they marry outside of their race when Caucasian men do it all the time.. dipping their finger into EVERY paint jar? I dont think so. Everyone marry who you want to and tell your kids they are special so a movie motivated by MONEY doesn't have to! =)