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Lace Front Eyebrows X Trend

Has it gone too far?

We ladies have nails, weave, wigs, lashes, corsets, butt lifts, spanks, and anything other add on you can imagine. Now, we have lacefront eyebrows for ladies who want that "look". What? Is nothing real these days??? By the time you wipe off and take off everything off of some of the females you meet in the club they look like a completely different person.

 Isn't this a false representation? Guys don't do nearly as much yet women go above and beyond for this perfect image. Yes maintenance is necessary but I was always told your'e natural beauty should shine outwardly. Be you!


Who the F cares?

alzy52 (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam HAHAHA I really like how everyone keeps saying she's ripping off all these current female artists like Rhianna. But no one is accusing her of ripping off Salt and Peppa, or anyone from the 90's hip hop era because your all too young to realize that all your favorite artists from today are indeed copying the artists from the last wave. Why? Because these artists grew up idolizing those people and are now paying homage to them. This same fight happens every time something "new" comes out.
alzy52 (1 hour ago) Show Hide 0 Marked as spam Reply | Spam Agreed! I've already said it somewhere buried deep in here but she's not using the term Diva wrong, she's just not using it at it's current usage.

But if you want to split hairs the original or at least oldest definition of the word "Diva" (although it was spelled different since they where using Old English then but still pronounced the same way) has nothing to do with women at all, it was used to describe a person hired under a Royal family to murder people that spoke against the family.

i believe some people just wanted to watch the video and believe to approximately 5 minutes that they could be a diva too. no matter what the term is. you people are most definetely looking too deep into it.