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Lace Front Eyebrows X Trend

Has it gone too far?

We ladies have nails, weave, wigs, lashes, corsets, butt lifts, spanks, and anything other add on you can imagine. Now, we have lacefront eyebrows for ladies who want that "look". What? Is nothing real these days??? By the time you wipe off and take off everything off of some of the females you meet in the club they look like a completely different person.

 Isn't this a false representation? Guys don't do nearly as much yet women go above and beyond for this perfect image. Yes maintenance is necessary but I was always told your'e natural beauty should shine outwardly. Be you!


Speaking of

Just an intro... I have had a rollercoaster of a week starting with last Tuesday, I almost felt guilty for being so happy and positive. Now I wish for that feeling back, I proritized and went through my day easily. Now I have to focus more on God, college and my family and not the other oblivious aspects of my life. I believe God takes us through stages in life to reach goals and therefore elevating us as a person. Since college started I'm on a new trail and noone can lead me off.

speaking of diamonds and class and college and growth.
I live like I see fit,
every minute
bit by bit
though some may be humamnized errors to look at oneself miniscule by miniscule
I see nothing wrong since im a young lady..
still in school
I choose now to look at myself as a whole, the world a whole by many
memorizing the great ones by the size of their soul
Mistakes come and go leaving misheveled footprints like dirty snow but only wet rimmed eyes can see past the flakes of fake.
Only fake can see fake
so no not I.
The whole that I am can only see real, whole and wonderful things.
The kind of things that pleasant ones bring.
To whom or what I'm speaking to I have no idea.
I speak of diamonds, class, college and growth, that I am, that I see and what I assume makes me