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Poem X Blissful Remedy

Hold me tight
Hold me right
From the stars until the blissful sunrise
 A surprise that can not be denied
Feel the everlasting love
That glows within my body
Feel my touch
Feel my pulse blush
Only for me to see
For you to know
If this bliss we have can last
Im strapped in for the permanent cast
If its a roller coaster
Sending me loads of far away posters
Ill hang every one on my wall
I feel steamy inside
As on my cocoa skin goosebumps arise
Everyday I pray for a new sunrise
My eyes comply
The view, oh so sweet
Memories made on repeat
A compromise never denied
My love will always supply.


Personal X Reflection X Move

Sometimes we get so caught up in what is happening right now, 
We forget what we have been through or better yet where we are headed.
There will always be a problem, always something taking our attention off of that next move.
I should know, it seems my biggest failures are when I forget the bigger picture.
Weeks pasts and I'm like, uhhhh what did I do but dwell in that mountain of a mole hill?
This life is all about a brighter future, building an empire. 
There will be a brighter day if you look up for it.
If not you'll be stuck, looking on the shaded ground for rusted pennies only to trick and trip yourself into limiting yourself.
It's already February of 2014 and I'm trying to get somewhere so profound this year.
It's my time.
Something is feeding it into my soul however, getting sidetracked and distracted only takes away that oh so precious time.
It's time. 


Spring X Style X 5 Pieces

Spring is on its way and with the change in weather so will our wardrobe. I gathered a list of 5 items to upgrade in your closest.

7 Key Pieces for Spring 2014

Quilted purse

Jimmy Choo tote bag

The tote bag for me is always a necessity. I love to have a bag that can fit everything I need and maybe some stuff I just want. Variating in colors, textures and pattern your bag can one up any outfit.

The Cropped Pant

Rochas black white pants

DKNY green pants
$160 -

What better way to spruce up a regular pant by adding a fashionable shorter hem. Paired with a strappy shoe your outfit is broken up into a more updated pant look!

The Contrast Heel

Givenchy black sandals

Dune leopard shoes
$130 -

Jane Norman black sandals
$58 -

Making a comeback from last summer seen on runways from Paris, London to New York the contrast heel is here to stay for another season. Fashionably updating any ensemble. No outfit is complete without the right shoe!


Live GOLD in 2014

Ah, a new year. What's next?

Mission: Get better and live GOLD.


Personal X Smile X Progress

Stay safe X I love you!

These past couple of months have taught me a lot about myself than ever before.

 Seeing myself recover from obstacles and use them as stepping stones. Catching myself becoming content and immediately turning the fire up based on my goals and knowing anything you WANT you can ascertain. 

Now comes the productive winter for a rewarding summer. Staying busy progressive because I promised someone very special to me and to myself I'll be in a different place by next summer. Just wait on it! Aimed with a 2nd job, a great support system and a mind full of ideas and plans everyday I wake up with a better view of life.

***Instead of writing a list of what's wrong with life focus on the good and live life like it's golden because it certainly isn't promised.***

Take a moment out to read a poem I wrote today.

The twist

Vibrating lesions toss my body one way then another
The beauty of authenticity bares my soul willingly
While tender fascinating kisses are planted where deep bruises once laid
Warm tears of patience and appreciation trickle down my left cheek effortlessly
Never has a care burn so deep and shine so bright
Blinded by the dedication and passion
I tilt my crown to the sun and praise the mountains and valleys of the earth
My pounding rigorous breathe escapes in whispers of wonder
And finally, I own the white engrossing mist of consciousness


Natural Hair X Weave X Summer Vs Winter Styles

I love hair, changing up a look or updating an image. That's why I've learned how to transition my natural hair from summer to winter time. I've been natural for over a year (Honestly, it's been so long I just know it's been over a year could be two.) I love weave though, I don't care what anyone says, it is so easy to manage and helps my hair grow tremendously. 

Unlike the lies people say is you stop getting a perm it is not guaranteed your hair will fall out. Mind you I trimmed my own hair because an afro looks weird with straight ends... The routine I've now grown accustom to is straight hair during the winter so my hair can rest and I can deep condition my hair in between hair styles, while during the summer I love my hair out, being free, driving with the top down and loving my curls. Mind you it is a tad bit of maintenance because I wet and braid/twist my hair go to sleep and let it out. Sometimes it gets frizzy in two seconds and sometimes I resort to a little secret technique *wink. 

However, I have been using Miss Jessies, the new creamy crack and it defines my curl way more and gives it a brilliant shine, smell and bounce. I can easily go from jumping in a pool, shower to sleep, wake up and not look like a wet dog. 
What do you do to maintain your summer/winter hairstyles?
Comment below =)

Summer me

Winter me


Poem X Scorcher

Finger tip numbed
By the sizzling rhythmn of thick ashy smoke
Seeping through sea blue vessels
Breaking off citrus kisses
Underneath your seared heart
Damp traces evaporate on your mahognany hurt
While your eyes shed
Snowflakes of innocent delivery
My flaming palm guides your
Icey smooth cheek to my
Motherly chest so you can
Hear how human I am
The flame of sweet life dancing in my veins
You are nestled safely now in my scorching passion.



Birthday Special X 21 X Personal

I never plan my birthday celebrations. I don't even remember the last time I had a party, usually it's dinner and an outing somewhere. If I'm lucky I try something new and always buy something new or thrifted. This past year has taught me how precious life really is and how fast time flies. Fortunately I was able to take off from work, relax and plan a couple of events.

Leaving the spa feeling refreshed (the red purse was not apart of the outfit lol)