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Spring X Style X 5 Pieces

Spring is on its way and with the change in weather so will our wardrobe. I gathered a list of 5 items to upgrade in your closest.

7 Key Pieces for Spring 2014

Quilted purse

Jimmy Choo tote bag

The tote bag for me is always a necessity. I love to have a bag that can fit everything I need and maybe some stuff I just want. Variating in colors, textures and pattern your bag can one up any outfit.

The Cropped Pant

Rochas black white pants

DKNY green pants
$160 -

What better way to spruce up a regular pant by adding a fashionable shorter hem. Paired with a strappy shoe your outfit is broken up into a more updated pant look!

The Contrast Heel

Givenchy black sandals

Dune leopard shoes
$130 -

Jane Norman black sandals
$58 -

Making a comeback from last summer seen on runways from Paris, London to New York the contrast heel is here to stay for another season. Fashionably updating any ensemble. No outfit is complete without the right shoe!


Look of the Week X Style

Working at Little 5 gives me a freedom with what I wear. I wouldn't get the chance to wear thigh highs and a vintage army fatigue jacket to the office!
I got to rock this this past week...
Fishtail Braid
Army Fatigue Jacket: Thrift Store ($3)
Black Tee (Tied): Forever 21
Bleached X Spiked High Waisted Tommy Hilfiger Shorts: Nik_Gold Designs custom made
Thigh Highs:
Brown Wedges: Boutique in Atlanta
Chain Link Purse: Boutique in South Carolina
Accessories: Nik_Gold Designs/ Guess Watch

Who says you can't dress fashionable with a budget?
Often I see people brag on labels when they are still not stylish in any way of form.
Fashion may be trendy but style is what you do with it, the confidence and taste you have!


My mom calls is excessive, I call is accessories.