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Givenchy X Erykah Badu X Spring 2014

Erykah Badu is one of my favorite artist, visually, vocally and physically. She embodies originality and never being afraid to push the limits of society and the music industry. She has teamed up with Givenchy for their Spring 2014 line. 

The shirt above I need to have in my life immediately! Between Erykah's' influence on fashion and her neo-soul music their is no surprise creative Director Riccardo Tisci wanted to embody her in their Africa-meets-Japan inspired collection. 

The French line has pushed the envelop featuring a transgender model, an albino model and chic mother-daughter duos. Tisci believes their needs to be more diversity and embracing of different cultures and ethnicities even on the runway.

Work, Ms. Badu (if ya nasty)!

View one of my favorite live performances and songs, "I Want You"


Reflection X Time X Growth

Time passing is inevitable and as I was looking through my pictures the other day I realized how fast it flies. When I first moved to Atlanta I was the eclectic dressing, coffee drinking, dancing blogger from New York and quickly made friends with other newbies from New Orleans, Detroit and some from Atlanta. Over time people began to appreciate my style, sarcastic personality and creative outlets. The picture below was taken by D.Sincere Photography at Fearless Weirdos Boutique in Atlanta, Georgia, long before I started working there.

 I was in the store for a fashion show and never imagined taking it as a platform to elevate me to where I wanted to be. After I left New York I wasn't sure what would happen then Atlanta became my playground to grow stronger, faster, smarter and use my uniqueness to make money, connections and build a brighter future. Wherever you are in life know that you are exactly where you need to be to get where you are going.