Real real thick !

why i don't listen to people when it comes to my own fashion.. I like what I like =]
Mind you my fashion show was last year, and I was pondering wearing a similar outfit this week :: CONFIRMED*




unphotoshopped*2010 in my official 1st CU shirt:memorabilia***


Interchangeable Delectable Fashion*

I just love changing from heels to flats :] How about you?






Cause college is no [Joke]

You were running a good race. Who cut in on you and kept you from obeying the truth? That kind of persuasion does not come from the One who calls you. A little yeast works through the whole batch of dough. Galatians 5:7-9

Prayer: Lord, I long to stay on the right path and run the race faithfully, but You know how easily I can get off course. Give me the eyes to see the "yeast." Help me have the strength to keep my eyes on You and follow You step by step. In Jesus' Name, Amen!



Today I saw clouds

[Chanel Iman, backstage]

Life is a whirlwind of ascending and descending values its just potent which ones you decide to land on.* _gold



Flaunt it*

My Valentine's Day was great I know I'm loved, and I'm reminded everyday of the year...!
Ha no =] not there yet lol

Now on to FASHION bEtchE***!!!
The famous annual NY Fashion week!

Donna Karen

-- And many others came out with fluid, vibrant colors, one shoulder dresses, jewelry bold/ethic, soft chiffon with floral print and my favorites**** Platform Pumps, boyfriend Blazers, denim and patched jeans!!!!

Fashion Trends Spring/Summer 2010*

Want to be the hottest thing out this spring?? Pair anyone of these booming fashion items with something "spring" and get a move on in life!!!


[Donna Karen Spring 2010]

[Vera Wang Spring 2010]

absorb and enjoy!



Try to try something new, Cornerstone church on valentines. :-D


Just call me mobile active!


Ode to Rihanna

One pleasant evening my mentor, roomie... [there was a gang of us] were discussing tattoos we were planning to get. Me because I am officially done with finger tattoos for now since...

doesnt want to stay.. I do however want more tattoos, they all mean something and the concept is pretty... on a next level and rare if had at all.
Well crossing nice tattoos we of course slid past some of Rihanna's...
Need i say more???

I was very elated to also find her new video for "RUDE BOY" and I love it. She has come to embrace her West Indies side we sometimes forget about*
Go West Indies! =)

* Rihanna, Alexander McQueen and the quintessential one, Drew Barrymore are all Pisces, I need to get on it!

And lets not forget how awesome and on edge Rihanna is in general, from style, to looks, to music and that SOMETHING about her.. [my sister thinks its something bad] I think its off*-- But an off that keeps you interested. =)



R.I.P : The Greatest of them All

Rest in Peace Alexander McQueen(>>>March 17, 1969***- February 11, 2010)


Miami is Calling!

Miny TMZ moment*
Swiss Beats and Reggie Bush were spotted in Miami this past weekend advertising new Louboutin sneakers.
I am a fan.. of the men and the sneakers =) What do you think??

Big Red Gum Why Not!

My first big red purse!!
Red purse period! =)
I feel like a woman ***
Definitely wearing it .....ASAP???
*** *** ***
I also got in a new shipment with it but South Carolina aint ready yo! **Thug voice**
Includes my first pair of Levi's!!!
A levi studded vest of course I couldn't be normal and get some levi jeans =X (there will be a better picture later on...)
Decorated Stockings (a must*)
Silence and Noise acid based twig skinnies
Driving cutoff gloves!
Purse <3
and last but CERTAINLY not least
new pair of Shades* (Duh)

eh =)
Im counting the days until my SPRING BREAK... (my bday really)

AHHH 18**
So close I can taste it!!

Ive been out of luck

When it comes to BS.
Don't spit it
Don't get it
Ignore it if heard
Move on

nik_gold's motto yo!
Im so TRILL!!!


Money gets Money

=) "I'm already fly and I ain't even put my clothes on yet" (=

Were thinking hit? or miss?