I love brown perfection


My girls and I, a couple snapshots, we all have different styles, personalities and feed off each other. like Girlfriends.


-It's a beauty!
simplistic X style

The newest song on my blog.
Kreayshawn or Natassia Zolot
I love it! As far as the hipster girl? WIN
Makeup/Style reminder:  Hippie X Urban
Sound: Kid Sister but even better
Outcome : TBA
How do you like her live performance?
Live performances are everything to me,
1. Personality
2. Energy
3. Actual Performance
4. Talent out of a studio
5. Overall Look


I wake up in the morning NOT feeling like P. Diddy and repeat this...

and keep it moving.

Oh how I love Rih, and her ruby red locks!
A few snapshots from her newest spread for Glamour Mag


It's pretty crazy, I actually posted about Amy a couple of weeks ago when it appeared in newspapers that she had flubbed yet another performance overseas.  "I don't want the fame, I'm just a musician." And when I would play Amy and my friends would automatically refer to her as a crackhead, I'd save the playlist for when I had "me" time. No one truly knows how in dept I got to the singer/writer/producer Amy after the release of "Back to Black"
Mom and I moved to Atlanta, and it was just US, two -_-
I immediately bought T- Pain's "Epiphany" and Amy Winehouse "Back to Black"
They were my best friends soon after that. being blasted while I unpacked, in the car on the way anywhere because I definitely had not warmed up to down south music...
To be honest I knew there would only be one "Back to Black" and I'm happy I know it word for word, brings back way too many memories!

Rest in Peace Sour