Fashion Show Coverage X Rafael Cox

My snapshot front row seconds before the first strut.
Spikes X Prints X Color

If you have ever seen one of my favorite fashion competition shows, Project Runway, you may of heard of Rafael Cox. An ATLien and season 9 contestant whose only let the shows experience catapult him as one of Atlanta's go to designers. I was privileged to premiere my custom/handmade jewelry line Nik_Gold Designs * at BE Magazine's No Wire Hangers Fashion show late last year along side Rafael's clothing line which was premiering his new season's selections. Rafael always comes with refreshing, statement numbers and even bolder color schemes and silhouettes  I attended the event front row along side BE Magazine, Atlanta socialites, stylist, models and even some reality show stars. Great networking and lots of cameras and lots of smoke! Check out some photos of the event filled night below!

Jason of BE Magazine (@BEmagazine), I and Dane Social (@DaneSocial)
Captured one of Rafael Cox's looks.

                                                @MsEricaDixon and I