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Antonio Berardi X Fall 14

Antonio Berardi

Fell in love, thought I'd share some of his Fall 2014 collection. Enjoy.

Berardi is known for his "sensual, figure-hugging dresses" and a "striking, classical, dressed-up" style featuring "advanced fabrics and manufacturing techniques."[1] He has named music, independent film, post-modern art, Catholic symbolism, Italian art and culture, urban street style, lingerie, and the female form as his design influences.


Entertaining Group TGT

Three interesting videos below, the TGT music video for "Sex never Felt Better", hilarious performance on talk show "The Couch" and a 105.1 interview with group TGT. 

Tank, Ginuwine and Tyrese. These three powerhouse singers sound so good! I heard their song "Sex Never Felt Better" months ago and decided to post the funny performance along with their interview with the breakfast club. Personality, looks and pure talent I hope they to stick around for a while because their type of R&B is missing in the industry. Also in the interview why is Tank so funny?!? With that charisma and smile no wonder he has 4 kids.