Saw this video and thought, Aw recycled love!

Celebrity Couples come and go.
Get me started on Wiz.
Cameron Jibril Thomaz
I have been a Taylor for a minute now.

Ive been here for Prince of the City 1 and 2
and kept strong through Star Power, Flight School and rode through with Kush and Orange Juice with the new bandwagon of followers
Now, new Wiz fans you would not understand what I mean by the Old Wiz VS New Wiz but he fell into the stereotype of rappers reaching that oh so wanted famous status and changing, not for the better. I never knew Wiz would be one of those to fall off track, make a couple radio hits and become a corny mainstream music artist, but honestly since he already has walked away from his Wiz type* of music flow I wouldn't mind him burning and crashing then getting BACK UP, main stream same Wiz K I thought I knew but even better.
Honestly, I love and respect rap but we need more stable rap artist like Curren$y, Jay Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne*

Now onto Amber.
If anyone knows how to make their 15 minutes of fame last it's this chick right here.
Im not bashing anyone.If youre good at whatever you do, keep doing it.
hmmmm Maybe I'll speak more on this after her break up with Wiz


I've been waiting on pigs to fly, the moon to turn blue and my mom to finally move to a smaller house.
See the thing is,
I love making jewelry..
Well I love MAKING, CREATING a lot of things and when I envision something I might plan it out but not ALWAYS make it.
It's the procrastinating side of me.

BTW Follow @FYOI_Ty for me???

She's the most creative person I have met ever, she might as well make underwear.

I digress, seriously though, it takes me to realize someone has beat me out the starting gate to get started, hopefully this is the answer.

As seen on FashionBomb (.com) Aya is an eccentirc artistic jewelry designer. Her creations are affordable, handmade and a hint of something one of a kind in anything you wear.
I love this!!!



Saw this "Get him to the Greek" this weekend.
I don't mind that I'm late...
Very Funny story line, though
1. I've never heard of sniffing coke and running in Central Park
2. Diddy was himself (lol for so many reasons)
3. It actually had a story line and wasn't the regular new-age pot loving movie.
But actually when you combine your movie schedule for this movie..
Works out smoothly.


 I celebrated my 19th in Atlanta with some close friends and I had a wonderful time! I wasn't expecting much fun because I was sick the whole time but I did. NOTHING is better than unexpected fun and memories. =]

I love regular talk between artists, what America feeds off of and what the few can appreciate: 
*Rich* and $Fresh$

"Live Your Raps"