This is how I feel 100%, when it pertains to my blog and bigger than that, my life. I'm the first one to spread the love, advice and wisdom but someone directly trying to change your life the way they see fit, something is really wrong with that!
Urks me until the end of time as well.

If you happen to run into a bunch of money and feel like splurging on a stranger. Purchase these items and leave them on my front steps.

There are a bunch of things I love this season, but why not instead by two or three things to update your whole wardrobe? It is definitely more reasonable that way plus I want more than all the clothes and shoes a lady can never have enough of. I need another closest or for my mother to move. Whichever comes first.
My favorites certainly not everything but I work well with styling, all you really need to spruce up an outfit is the right accessories (rings, necklace, clutch, glasses) and of course shoes!

How I feel about heading back to work.

I really wanted to go out today! The last night before I start back at work. But honestly work never stopped me from going out, just delayed me a bit.
Aside for tonight. I'm super excited to start making my money and stacking up again.
*Raises hands* Whoooop!

A video for the weekend.


In the studio with Pharrell so we don't have to keep listening to Future X T.I, "Magic" for too long.

Thank you!
I also realized I hate snippets of songs.
I have to listen to the whole song in order to really FEEL it, otherwise your teasing me with a beat out of nowhere, a story line I have to piece together and one little puzzle piece that is just not going to cut it. I digress, I'll just wait for his collaboration with another one of my favorite rappers. Big KRIT.

I was told I should listen to the mixtape.
I believe I will.
Some Curren$y is always good for the soul.

 I LOVE this video! There aren't a lot of alleyways to travel with a message like this aside for a girl astray.
We all have parents that we want to make proud, or make a better life for ourselves.
Thanks for the life message preacher man.

I'm going to adopt a pair of cheetahs and raise them as my own.
And they will be faithful and love me unconditionally.


Wow, I must say I have scrutinized Amber Rose before, not a full out Amber hater but I had my opinions as everyone is entitled to, and I definitely didn't know, she was a stripper at 15 but it's okay... (well not the underage stripping but it was her path). Right?
Your path makes you who you are, so never hide from it. Her strength for not speaking out against her asshole boyfriend just set a new trend in my life. Even if you're innocent you don't have to retort to all the BS that shoots your way. *Flips hair and keeps it moving. 
On a serious note it really makes me want to take a step back and...
1. Continue growing as a person inside and out
2. Stand for less, demand more respect always
3. Criticize less and live life more!

Ugh I can't stand this, Sickening!

Watching ANTM, I took a break from sewing this dress I'm making and saddened myself watching what I can't do at this moment in time, M O D E L.
Every photo shoot I do from here on out is going to be 100% me, well not the photography part, but knowing how sensitive life is I have to put my all into everything I do.


Finally made the color I wanted!

Now playing over.. and over.

So far it seems to be a really well thought out notation of the point he is in life.
Every song seems to have a beginning middle and end, well then again that's just the kind of rapper he is.
Do you think it will ever get old?