There are three parts to this post because I've recently been busying myself and realized a lot of novel ideas/opinions when it comes to advice.

1. The main advice I was given when it came to my brand name is keep it moving... In the best way of course. Keep progressing and moving fast forward, however because people like to imitate instead of innovate I was warned to keep the newest projects under wraps. This is probably the bitterest advice given since I love to spread my ideas and new workings so I will have to find a balance between the two. Plus, my blog is MY blog. I express my feelings, journey, opinions etc and if I want to share something so be it, anything else done after me will literally be in my footsteps.

2. Not all advice should be taken into consideration. I only say this because the old saying about you expressing your problems and "80% are happy you have it 20% don't care" is mostly true (mostly). If they do give you advice it's based off of THEIR feelings, THEIR experiences, THEIR emotions, not yours. So the best person to seek is God first, look into yourself for what your'e really looking for and then family/friends. I call it my inner to outer rule.

3. Advice is what it is... Warning, caution and opinion in the end you can take it or leave it.

I absolutely love this video and the song. I've recently noticed more publicity for this album from when I first got it. Hopefully the Rihanna love spreads before it gets played out on air ways...


The 1st of Winter

The 1st of Winter

Vero Moda top
259 SEK - nelly.com

Rick Owens leather jacket
£8,975 - couturelab.com

Alexander McQueen lace legging
£105 - farfetch.com

Gareth Pugh high heels
$771 - monamoore.com

Dolce Gabbana metallic clutch
€366 - pret-a-beaute.com

Rodarte bracelet
$688 - thecorner.com

Lara Bohinc stud earrings
£125 - flannelsfashion.com

Zara Simon cross ring
£96 - austique.co.uk

This song automatically puts me in a good mood.

Dear Blog,

It's harder to blog, 
not even a negative more about prioritizing
and me needing a more adaptable way to blog!
I've been progressing and my blog is and forever will be my outlook X scrapbook on this thing called life.
I'll work harder to be here daily.


Stay tuned...

It's the holiday season and with so much going on BEmagazine has run into one of our favorites, singer/songwriter and English violinist* Bobby V to see what he is getting into this cheerful time of year.

"Singer/Songwriter Bobby V is featured on the song "Angels We Have Heard On High" & wants to let you know why you should get the CD for your family.  

"Make sure you get this Christmas CD, Impact Church. It's a great time of the year, great music, live instrumentation, and some real good quality Christmas Music. I have a song on there with my sister Arle, so you definitely should support this album."
Bobby V on what this time of the year means to him...

"This time of the year really means a lot. This time of the year is about friends & family, and really about coming together & loving. I really love this time of the year BEcause it's all about the people that you care about most."
Bobby V's holiday plans are...
"I plan to really eat good; eat a lot of food & do a little traveling, but I really want to spend some time with my family."

Impact Church Presents: 'Tis the Season is available on iTunes by clicking [HERE] or if you're in Atlanta, you can pick up a copy at Impact Church's retail table after services.

You can worship with Impact Church during the holiday as well...
  • Saturday December 24, 2011
    • 11am- Worship @ Brown Middle School (feat. Ametria "MeMe" Dock)
    • 12:30- NxT-G Christmas Caroling @ Zaxby's in Camp Creek Marketplace
    • 3pm- Acoustic Set @ Urban Grind coffee shop on Marietta St. (feat. Chantae Cann)
    • 5pm- Worship @ Brown Middle School (feat. Sha' Simpson)
  • Saturday December 31, 2011
    • 10:30pm NYE worship experience @ Brown Middle School (live streaming available)
    • Feat. Dionne Farris
  • Sunday January 1, 2012
    • 8am worship @ Brown Middle School
    • 10am worship experience @ Brown Middle School (nxt-g worship @ 10am)
    • 12 noon worship experience @ Brown Middle School (nxt-g worship @ 12 noon)"

Impact church brings you...

So whatever you do, stay safe and have fun this season!


En route to a photo shoot for 7/28 Magazine with my friend 
Fur Vest X Necklace: Thifted*
Denim Button Down: H&M

Giannini over-sized pink snakeskin clutch I ran into while thifting the other day. Been wanting to blog about it for weeks and it has finally made it on! With a two snap button closure, inseam zippered pocket and roomy insides this is my newest treasure addition to my clutch collection!

Nobody's perfect and everybody is who they are.
That's the beauty of it.
It's okay if you haven't found your better half or they haven't found you.
The time between meeting,
you are perfecting yourselves for each other.
So keep on living,
Being the best you only you can be.


Here is a little something I wrote the other day while making some serious life changes.
1. Never feel obligated to ANYONE
2. If you're not happy, get happy
3. Never settle 

Now moving on, I wrote this out of my feelings...
Not quite a poem, not quite rambling 101 just a recap on how a lady should be treated.
How I feel anyways.

I deserve to be treated like a Queen
Receiving incredible massages willingly
To be spoiled, loved and wooed
"My African name, "Morenike" (Mo-dah-knee-k)
means one is who loved, one who is spoiled
Ironic? "
Should never be lied to, manipulated or disrespected
I will never settle for anything or anyone less than I deserve.
Be treated or talked to any which way
A Queen to be held to the highest standards
Honey dews and wet kisses warm me from the inside out when the sun greets me in the morning.
Servants sponge bathing me in imported lavender oils and soaps
Adorning my temple in nothing less than the best and fed the most extravagant plates of delightfulness
High off of life like I was when I was younger
A priceless aura of positivity people would sell their souls to be around
Deserving this and much more
Is what makes me a lady, a Queen
The creme de la creme.
If I don't demand it for me, who will?

Think of it more so as a saying, a thought process every woman should speak into herself every morning while she is gathering her thoughts and getting ready to face the world. In a time when women are treated like animals and carry themselves even lower, we forget the time when men started wars over one, formed countries for another and traveled, built, sung & competed for a small gesture of kindness... from a Queen.

Striking Fever & Melting Cold

Striking Fever & Melting Cold

Corset shirt
£30 - topshop.com

TopShop drape jacket
£65 - topshop.com

TIBI tapered pants
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Messeca velvet shoes
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Christian Louboutin clutch bag
$2,345 - mytheresa.com

Swarovski watch
$850 - swarovski.com

Ranjana Khan beaded jewelry
$257 - boutique1.com

Forever21 antique jewelry
$4.06 - forever21.com

Illesteva tortoise sunglasses
$260 - lagarconne.com