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My Clique X Like No Other

I appreciate how Kanye discusses his Mother's passing on this song. This song is also a beast regardless, Jay Z? That intro? Yeah, I love it and can relate!
My clique has been tight as rope since we met each other at Claflin University years ago and we still keep in touch. When you have a bond with people that all elevate each other, it's like magic.
We shot this photo shoot just to do it and it's been featured on fashion blogs and even reached tumblr earlier this year

***FYI: This photoshoot was 2 years ago, spot the Nik_Gold Designs accessories!

Shattered Glass Lightening Bolt Earrings (Original Pair)

Follow my girls Ty , Candice and Steff !!!

Fashion Outings on a Fall Day

Today was yet another remarkable fall day. Warm yet crisp with not a cloud in the sky.
I decided to go out with my sister and pop my Five Guys cherry, which was an experience on it's own. Especially with my A-1, Jalepeno, grilled onions loving self!
The burger was probably the perfect combination ever created and I could hardly finish. Next we walked around Edgewood boutiques, I work around Little 5 @FearlessWeirdos and wanted to try something new and the vibe of the area was similar to Garden City in New York. Below are a few snapshots of the fashion and reasonable priced treasures I found along the way!

Living downtown has made my days more exciting. Just walking outside my house I feel the energy in the air to get into something, walk down the block and learn something new. Outkast playing in my ears, Starbucks in my hand and 6" strutting.


Black Power

President Obama, Beyonce and Jay Z at their fundraiser raising $4 million for the president!


Style 365 24/7

Fashion Night out came and went here in Atlanta. Bringing out fashionistas, models, stylist, designers and more.
I did some media coverage for @BEMagazine
Viewed H&M's Fashion Show at Atlantic Station and was invited to premiering seasonal lines of some International designers.
I enjoyed my evenings out envisioning myself in my home city of New York City, doing the same with my girls. living in the city once again. But for now Atlanta will do.
I had tons of fun and loved being around like minded people, all creative, worldly and positive. It motivates me to do more, better for now and forever.
Fashion Week isn't just one week but everyday for me!
Check out some pictures of my fashion week and some fashion videos of a few designers I admire (Nicole Miller & Herve Leger) below!

One of my favorite stylist June Ambrose this year at fashion week!

Breakdown of the ensemble:

1. Pair this Faceted Crystall Ball Dress for $498
2. And matching pants!
3. with Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout Python Wedges calls for 
 = one FIERCE look!

Fashion ReeeeFill

While watching one of my favorite refills on sarcasm, slick comments and rude remarks on Chelsea Lately, one of my beloved fashion God's came floating down from 7th Ave. Tim Gunn!
Watch the snippet of his interview.

In other fashion news
I recently fell in love with a designer called Rue 107
From their funky prints, vibrant colors and sensual silhouettes it is definitely a brand I would invest in and look forward to seeing more in the future.

RUE 107

Putting in Overtime for NGD

An exclusive sneak peek of one of my lastest photo shoots from earlier this summer.
The model was beyond fierce and I had a great time working with my team!

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shoot4.jpg shoot4

shoot8.jpg shoot8

shoot2.jpg shoot2


Good Music, Some Time and Three Videos

The ambition of the video is already hype but I like how Frank Ocean is making a movie out of his work, the demon faces are all too real. Ah!!

I already love Pusha T as a real rapper, with sweet lyrics and a hypnotic flow. I especially love his opening verse in this song.

Missing Andre 3000 and Outkast so badly I repeat every song Andre 3000 has been featured on. This is one of my favorite songs on Rick Ross's newest album. LOVE IT!